Supercharge Sea Master Gold MFM70 720 CCA Battery

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NOTE: Batteries are classified as dangerous goods and should not be shipped. Batteries are in-store pick up only items. Do not add these to an order that is to be freighted out. 



Powered with EXG Technology, the Supercharge MFM70 SeaMaster Gold boasts of superior cranking & reserve capacity and the fully sealed maintenance-free convenience. The SeaMaster Gold gives boating enthusiasts the power to meet the demands of their marine applications and the heavy pounding of the rough seas. The SeaMaster Gold is offerred at market leading warranty coverage – as much as 24 Months Warranty*!

Product Features
* Volts: 12
* CCA @ -18 Deg: 720
* RC at 25 Deg: 160 Minutes
* 20 AH Cap: 95
* 5 AH Cap:
* Dimensions: 305mm x 174mm x 205mm
* Terminal Height: 227mm
* Wet Weight: 24.70 kg

SKU: MFM70 Category:
Weight 21.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 20 cm


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