Deka Marine Master Flooded Battery 12V 800CCA 130RC (24M7)

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Marine Master batteries offer reliable marine power solutions. With high marine cranking power, easy installation, extra reserve capacity, and maintenance-free design, they ensure hassle-free boating. Stay powered and get on the water faster with Marine Master.

NOTE: Batteries are classified as dangerous goods and should not be shipped. Batteries are in-store pick up only items. Do not add these to an order that is to be freighted out. 



Deka Marine Master Batteries are renowned for their unmatched dependability and consistent performance. This flooded battery series provides a comprehensive range of solutions for starting, dual-purpose, and deep cycle applications, catering to virtually any marine requirement. Even in the face of challenging marine conditions such as wave pounding vibration, stubborn engine starting, heavy house power, auxiliary, and trolling, Marine Master batteries stand out for their user-friendly design, marine-tough resilience, and extended reliability.

Featuring High Marine Cranking Power for rapid engine starts, Marine Master batteries offer:

  • Powerful cranking capability for swift engine ignition
  • Convenient flush cover for easy installation
  • Additional reserve capacity for unforeseen emergencies
  • Maintenance-free construction for hassle-free operation

With Deka Marine Master Batteries, boats can hit the water swiftly thanks to their quick cranking and high-powered performance. Engineered with a durable maintenance-free design, these high amp batteries prioritize boating convenience, delivering quality and power with each use. Benefit from premium performance without the hassle, as Marine Master batteries ensure uninterrupted excellence start after start.


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SKU: 24M7 Category:
Weight 20.50 kg
Dimensions 273 × 171 × 238 cm
Length (mm):  273
Width (mm):  171
Height (mm):  238
Voltage:  12V
CCA:  800
Layout:  1
Terminal Type:  D/T
Weight (Kg):  21
Warranty (Private Use):  36 mths
Warranty (Commercial):  24 mths