Predator 12 Volt 800CCA 82Ah Battery

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The Predator MFM24-XHD is a premium high-performance marine battery combing ultra-high capacity with compact sizing to cover a broad range of marine starting applications. Utilising the latest EFB plate technology, the MFM24-XHD delivers an impressive 800CCA and 82AH from its group 24 sealed MF casing. The combination of advanced Silver-Calcium-Tin alloys and patented anti-sulphation additives provide exceptional charge retention, ideal for seasonal use typical of many marine applications.

Starting Applications:

  • Marine Inboard V8 TO 400HP
  • 2-Stroke Outboard TO 300HP
  • 4-Stroke Outboard TO 300HP
  • Mercury OPTIMAX
  • Diesel Marine To 4 Litre / 250HP
  • Diesel Marine To 6 Litre / 400HP (Requires 2 batteries)


  • High capacity in compact casing
  • Thicker power-frame EFB plate design
  • Lead-calcium-tin alloy with added silver
  • Anti-vibration lock-bonded elements
  • Patented anti-sulphation additive
  • Exclusive airtight inter-cell connectors
  • No compromise design and building quality
SKU: MFM24XHD Category:
Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 27 × 17 × 22 cm