Fullstop Nemesis Pro Wheel Clamp

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  • Installs swiftly and effortlessly
  • Utilizes a receiver nut for wheel attachment
  • Shields wheel nuts to deter removal
  • Fits all sizes of steel and alloy wheels
  • Crafted from tough, high-strength composite steel
  • 7-pin cylinder lock thwarts various tampering methods
  • Comes with 3 anti-copy tubular keys for enhanced security
  • Promotes high visibility, a signature trait of FullStop Security!



Tailored specifically for caravans and camper trailers, the FullStop Nemesis Pro Wheel Clamp delivers unparalleled safeguarding for your prized possession.

With its remarkably swift and effortless setup process, the FullStop Nemesis Pro emerges as the ultimate choice for individuals seeking to fortify their caravan or camper trailer against theft. Utilizing a receiver nut for wheel attachment, this device envelops your wheel nuts, thwarting any attempts at wheel removal and ensuring the steadfast security of your caravan or camper trailer.

Compatible with steel and alloy wheels of all sizes, the FullStop Nemesis Pro exhibits versatility, catering to a wide array of caravans and camper trailers. Crafted from hardened, high-strength composite steel, and fortified with a 7-pin cylinder lock, it stands impervious to cutting, picking, drilling, and freezing, thereby guaranteeing unrivaled protection for your vehicle.

Complete with 3 anti-copy tubular keys, the FullStop Nemesis Pro Wheel Clamp grants exclusive access solely to you, enhancing the assurance of security for your caravan or camper trailer. Its conspicuous design, emblematic of Purpleline’s hallmark trait, serves as a visual deterrent against potential thieves, ensuring swift identification of your vehicle.

Opt for the FullStop Nemesis Pro and relish the peace of mind that comes with knowing your caravan or camper trailer is safeguarded against theft. Boasting an array of unbeatable features, including rapid installation, receiver nut attachment, wheel nut coverage, and robust composite steel construction, this device emerges as the quintessential solution for safeguarding your valuable asset.


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SKU: PL-FNPRO100 Category: