Fullstop Gemini Wheel Clamp

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  • Compatible with twin axle vans
  • Secures wheels with two high-security locks welded together
  • Installation is incredibly fast and simple
  • Utilizes a receiver nut for wheel attachment
  • Crafted from hardened, high-strength composite steel
  • Features a 7-pin cylinder lock resistant to cutting, picking, drilling, and freezing
  • Comes with 3 anti-copy tubular keys for enhanced security
  • High-visibility design, a signature Purpleline security feature
  • Maximum expansion length reaches 825mm



Introducing the Fullstop Gemini Wheel Clamp, the ultimate security solution tailored specifically for twin-axle vans. Offering unparalleled peace of mind, this innovative device is engineered to safeguard your valuable assets with unwavering reliability.

Equipped with dual high-security locks meticulously welded to immobilize the wheels, the FullStop Gemini ensures maximum protection against theft. Its remarkably swift and straightforward installation process means you can have your FullStop Gemini seamlessly integrated and operational in mere moments.

Crafted from hardened, high-strength composite steel, the Fullstop Gemini Wheel Clamp is engineered to endure the most determined theft attempts. Featuring a robust 7-pin cylinder lock mechanism, it effectively thwarts cutting, picking, drilling, and freezing, providing a fortress-like defense for your twin axle van.

Included with the FullStop Gemini are three anti-copy tubular keys, further enhancing its security measures. Its high-visibility design, a hallmark characteristic of Purpleline products, not only facilitates easy identification of your van but also serves as a potent deterrent against potential thieves. With a maximum expansion length of 825mm, the FullStop Gemini is your trusted ally in safeguarding your twin-axle van against theft and ensuring its protection at all times.

SKU: PL-FGT400 Category: