Fullstop Samurai Wheel Clamp

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  • Crafted from tough, high-strength composite steel
  • 7-Pin cylinder lock withstands cutting, picking, drilling, and freezing
  • 3 anti-copy tubular keys for enhanced security
  • Compatible with steel and alloy wheels of all sizes




The FullStop Samurai Wheel Clamp offers unparalleled peace of mind for safeguarding your cherished possessions. Engineered with FullStop’s robust 7-pin locking mechanism and durable metal construction, the Samurai is meticulously designed to encase and secure your vehicle’s wheel, thwarting any attempt at unauthorized removal. Its versatile design is tailored to accommodate a wide range of vehicles and tire sizes, whether they are on-road, off-road, caravan, camper trailer, boat trailer, or tradie trailer, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Renowned for its exceptional toughness, the Samurai epitomizes the quality and reliability that discerning customers expect from FullStop. With the FullStop Samurai Wheel Clamp in place, you can rest assured that your valuable possessions are effectively shielded against theft and unauthorized usage, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

SKU: PL-FSWC Category: