Fullstop Saracen ‘Off-Road’ Hitchlock

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  • Crafted from FullStop’s durable composite steel for enhanced strength
  • Equipped with a 7-Pin cylinder lock designed to thwart cutting, picking, drilling, and freezing
  • Comes with 3 anti-copy tubular keys to bolster security
  • Tailored specifically for DO35 hitch setups



The Fullstop Saracen ‘off Road’ Hitchlock stands as a pinnacle of security and resilience, meticulously crafted to combat theft with unparalleled effectiveness. Developed in Australia specifically for the widely used Hitchmaster DO35 articulated hitch, this hitch lock boasts exceptional durability and defensive capabilities.

Constructed from FullStop’s premium high-strength steel, the Fullstop Saracen ‘off Road’ Hitchlock is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions and thwart any attempts at theft. Its fortified design is fortified with a seven-pin cylinder lock, renowned for its anti-pick features, ensuring that unauthorized access is virtually impossible. Moreover, the inclusion of three anti-copy tubular keys further fortifies its security, providing users with peace of mind.

The Fullstop Saracen ‘off Road’ Hitchlock serves as a formidable deterrent to potential thieves, its presence alone acting as a warning against unauthorized tampering. Its robust construction and high-visibility design make it an imposing obstacle to any would-be intruders. Even attempts with power tools are met with resolute resistance, thanks to its reinforced build.

Installation of th ‘off Road’ Hitchlock is swift and hassle-free, ensuring that users can quickly secure their hitch without unnecessary delay. Once in place, it offers uncompromising protection, impervious to cutting, picking, drilling, or gas freezing attempts. Its reliability and effectiveness have made it the preferred choice among consumers seeking to safeguard their DO35 hitch against theft and vandalism.

With the Fullstop Saracen ‘off Road’ Hitchlock, users can rest assured that their valuable equipment remains safeguarded, even in the face of determined thieves. Its unmatched resilience and advanced security features make it a trusted ally for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering peace of mind and unrivaled protection against the ever-present threat of theft.



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SKU: PL-SHL400-1 Category: