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Outboard Single Ram Trailer Tilt Motor Support

$65.00 incl. GST


Outboard Single Ram Trailer Tilt Motor Support

This tilt motor support has been designed to allow highway and road transport of your boat with the motor in a tilted position. This support prevents the motor from returning to the vertical position and possible contact with the road surface. The Motor Support also prevents excessive loads, created by road surface conditions and from damaging the tilt assembly. The bright red colour of the motor support block is easy to see. The polyurethane material is slightly harder than the softer EPDM rubber tilt support the competition has. This means that this motor support block is more resistant to losing shape under pressure and will support more weight.

Note: This motor support can be cut down to size, if your outboard sits too high or you have problems with tilting your motor high enough to install this support. Simply cut this motor support to the appropriate length required using a saw.