Oceansouth Suzuki Outboard Vented Cover



Introducing the Oceansouth Suzuki Outboard Vented Cover, a premium solution engineered to safeguard your Suzuki outboard motor with precision and style. Crafted from top-grade marine materials, this cover blends durability with functionality to ensure your motor stays in pristine condition, no matter the elements it encounters.

Tailored specifically for Suzuki outboard motors, this cover offers a snug fit that hugs every contour, providing complete coverage from top to bottom. The precision-engineered design ensures a secure fit, with reinforced seams and an elasticized hem to keep the cover in place even during transport or exposure to strong winds.

What sets this cover apart is its innovative venting system, strategically placed to allow airflow while keeping out moisture and debris. This ventilation helps prevent mold, mildew, and corrosion, prolonging your outboard motor’s life and preserving its performance over time.

Constructed from heavy-duty, UV-resistant fabric, this cover provides reliable protection against the sun, rain, salt spray, and other environmental factors. Its water-resistant properties ensure your motor stays dry and protected, even in the harshest marine conditions.

In addition to its protective features, the Oceansouth Suzuki Outboard Vented Cover offers practicality and convenience. Its lightweight design makes installation and removal easy, while the included storage bag allows for compact storage when not in use. The cover’s sleek design and neutral color scheme complement any boat, adding sophistication to your marine setup.

Whether you’re a weekend cruiser or a professional angler, the Oceansouth Suzuki Outboard Vented Cover is the ultimate accessory for protecting your marine investment. Trust Oceansouth to deliver superior quality and unbeatable protection for your Suzuki outboard motor, so you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on the thrill of the open water.

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DF115BG DF140BG 4 CYL 2.0L (2021>), DF2.5HP 1 CYL 68cc (2006 and Newer), DF4A 1 CYL 138cc (2002 and Newer), DF5A 1 CYL 138cc (2002 and Newer), DF6A 1 CYL 138cc (2002 and Newer), DF8A 1 CYL 208cc (2010 and Newer), DF9.9A 1 CYL 208cc (2010 and Newer), DF15A 2 CYL 327cc (2012 and Newer), DF20A 2 CYL 327cc (2012 and Newer), DF25A 3 CYL (2014 and Newer), DF30A 3 CYL (2014 and Newer), DF40A 3 CYL (2010 and Newer), DF50A 3 CYL (2010 and Newer), DF60A 3 CYL (2010 and Newer), DF70A 1.5L 4 CYL (2008 and Newer), DF80A 1.5L 4 CYL (2008 and Newer), DF90A 1.5L 4 CYL (2008 and Newer), DF100A 2.0L 4 CYL (2012 and Newer), DF115A 2.0L 4 CYL (2012 and Newer), DF140A 2.0L 4 CYL (2012 and Newer), DF150 2.8L 4 CYL (2005 and Newer), DF150AP 4 CYL (2014 and Newer), DF175 2.8L 4 CYL (2005 and Newer), DF175AP 4 CYL (2014 and Newer), DF200 3.6L V6 (2003 and Newer), DF200AP 4 CYL (2014 and Newer), DF225 3.6L V6 (2003 and Newer), DF250 3.6L V6 (2003 and Newer), DF250AP 4.0L V6 (2012 and Newer), DF300AP 4.0L V6 (2012 and Newer), DF325A 4.4L V6 (2017 and Newer), DF350A 4.4L V6 (2017 and Newer)


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