Oceansouth Stern Shade Kit (Extensions for T-Top & Cabin Boats)

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Oceansouth Stern Shade Kit is simple to install to extend the shade area, up to 2.3m. Supplied with Stainless Steel telescopic poles, webbing and buckles. Protects from harmful UV Rays and harsh weather conditions. Excellent tear and abrasion resistance.

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  • Supplied with stainless steel telescopic poles (1.3m – 2m) that fit securely into rod holder mounts
  • Shade’s height can be adjusted for comfortable seating or standing.
  • Folds neatly away when not in use.
  • Use at anchor or motoring up to 20 knots.
MA 045-1 1.2m 1.5m 1.2m
MA 045-2 1.5m 1.5m 1.2m
MA 045-3 1.8m 1.5m 1.2m
MA 045-4 1.8m 2.1m 1.5m
MA 045-5 2.1m 2.1m 1.5m
MA 045-6 2.4m 2.1m 1.5m
MA 045-7 2.6m 2.0m 1.7m
MA 045-8 2.9m 2.0m 1.7m
MA 045-9 2.6m 2.3m 2.0m
MA 045-10 2.9m 2.3m 2.0m
MA 045-11 2.9m 2.6m 2.3m
MA 045-12 3.2m 2.6m 2.3m
MA 045-13 2.9m 2.9m 2.6m
MA 045-14 3.2m 2.9m 2.6m
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MA 045-1, MA 045-2, MA 045-3, MA 045-4, MA 045-5, MA 045-6, MA 045-7, MA 045-8, MA 045-9, MA 045-10, MA 045-11, MA 045-12, MA 045-13, MA 045-14


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