Oceansouth Kids Kayak Paddle

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Introducing the Oceansouth Kids Kayak Paddle, designed for young adventurers exploring the water. Crafted with safety and comfort in mind, this paddle is the perfect size for children, offering a lightweight and manageable design that’s easy to handle.

Constructed from durable materials, the Oceansouth Kids Kayak Paddle ensures longevity and reliability, even during extended use. The shaft is made from lightweight aluminum, providing strength without adding unnecessary weight, while the blades are molded from high-quality plastic for enhanced durability and efficiency in the water.

With its adjustable length, this paddle can grow with your child, accommodating their changing needs as they develop their paddling skills. The ergonomic grip ensures a comfortable hold, reducing fatigue and allowing for extended paddling sessions without discomfort.

Safety is paramount, which is why the Oceansouth Kids Kayak Paddle features bright colors and reflective accents for increased visibility on the water. This helps ensure that your child remains visible to others, enhancing their safety while kayaking.

Whether your child is paddling on calm lakes or exploring gentle rivers, the Oceansouth Kids Kayak Paddle is the perfect companion for their aquatic adventures. It’s lightweight, durable, and designed with their comfort and safety in mind, making it an ideal choice for young kayakers.

Invest in the Oceansouth Paddle today and watch your child’s love for kayaking grow as they explore the wonders of the waterways with confidence and excitement. With its quality construction and thoughtful design, this paddle is sure to provide years of enjoyment for young adventurers.


Weight 595g | Length 1800mm

  • 2 position split-shaft
  • Anodised alloy shaft ?25mm
  • Integrated drip rings
  • Lightweight design

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SKU: OS-PA 170 Category: GTIN: 9.33757E 12
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