MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS Module

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Introducing the MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS Module, the ultimate navigation solution for anglers looking to take their fishing experience to the next level. This advanced GPS module is designed to seamlessly integrate with MotorGuide trolling motors, providing precise and accurate navigation capabilities that will revolutionize the way you fish.

At the heart of the MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS Module is its cutting-edge GPS technology, which enables pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled control over your trolling motor. With the ability to set and store precise anchor points, navigate predefined routes, and maintain position even in challenging conditions, the Pinpoint GPS Module gives you the freedom to focus on fishing without worrying about boat positioning.

One of the standout features of the Pinpoint GPS Module is its Anchor Mode, which allows you to lock onto a specific GPS coordinate and automatically maintain your position, even in windy conditions or strong currents. This feature is perfect for fishing in tight spots or holding steady over a productive fishing hole without constantly adjusting your trolling motor.

In addition to Anchor Mode, the Pinpoint GPS Module offers a range of other useful features to enhance your fishing experience. With Jog Mode, you can make precise adjustments to your boat’s position with the push of a button, allowing you to fine-tune your location without disrupting your fishing rhythm. The module also includes a Cruise Control feature, which automatically adjusts your boat’s speed to maintain a consistent heading, making it easier to cover more water and locate active fish.

Setting up and using the MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS Module is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. Simply connect the module to your compatible MotorGuide trolling motor, and you’ll be ready to start navigating with confidence in no time.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just getting started, the MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS Module is a must-have tool for anyone looking to take their fishing game to new heights. With its advanced features, precise navigation capabilities, and effortless operation, this innovative GPS module will quickly become an essential part of your fishing arsenal.


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SKU: 8M0092610 Category:



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