Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Advanced i-Pilot Motor (Saltwater)


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Featuring Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim, we can understand the excitement around this motor. The Saltwater Ulterra i-Pilot is available in 80lb and 112lb with shaft lengths from 60″ to a massive 72″ to cater for the off-shore angler who wants to hold on those off-shore marks. The optional foot pedal features a spot-lock button, power trim and stow/deploy all from the pedal. The motor comes standard with a remote control providing full operation including trim and stow and deploy.

* Minn Kota Ulterra 112lb 36V 72″ is an ex-demo item and is on clearance sale


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  • 112lb Of Grunt: Stronger than ever, only a Minn Kota is available with 112 pounds of thrust (601622601624). Take to the water with improved control on the most powerful trolling motor so you can tackle heavy chop, wind, waves and more without so much as flinching.
  • Massive 72″ Shaft: The Ulterra is available in a massive 72″ shaft. For offshore anglers in the larger boats, the 72″ model (601624) is the ultimate motor to hold you on your marks, even in rough conditions.
  • Reinvented Spot-Lock: Enhanced with new hardware and software algorithms, Spot-Lock works holds you tighter to your fishing spot than ever before, making it the most accurate electronic GPS anchor ever.
  • Heading Sensor: Ulterra i-Pilot systems feature a new Heading Sensor, which recognises changes in the boat’s heading due to wind and  current, and communicates with the i-Pilot system to minimise boat swing for a more accurate, stronger hold.
  • Take Control: Riptide Ulterra comes with i-Pilot. The remote gives you control of Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim.i-Pilot Riptide Ulterra comes standard with a special i-Pilot system that controls Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim. It’s also got your favourite i-Pilot functions: the advanced wireless remote uses GPS to remember fishing spots and paths, and can control speed, steering, cruise control and Advanced AutoPilot.
  • Auto Stow/Deploy: Nothing makes fisihng easier than Riptide Ulterra. Auto Stow/Deploy lets you get your motor in and out of the water using the included i-Pilot Remote.
  • Power Trim: Once your motor’s in the water, Power Trim lets you easily adjust the motor depth for changing conditions, using your remote.
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Control: i-Pilot

Shaft Length: 60″, 72″

Prop: Weedless Wedge 2

Foot Pedal: Optional

i-Pilot: Heading Sensor

Jog Mode: Yes

Max Boat Length: 7m, 7.6m

Composite Shaft: Yes

Digital Maximizer: Yes

Cool, Quiet Power: Yes

Lift Assist: Auto

Blue Tooth:Yes

Universal Sonar: No


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