MerCruiser Bravo 2 Complete Sterndrive


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Bravo 2 features:

  • Precision helical steel gears for quiet, durable operation.
  • XK360 low copper alloy for corrosion resistance.
  • Tri-Paint System for tough corrosion resistance.
  • Armored trim lines protect hydraulic system.
  • Large propellers maximize lift and thrust.
  • Highest trust possible with sterndrives.
  • Trim limit switch for optimal performance.
  • Through-Prop exhaust reduces noise.
  • Drive Lube Monitor alarms low lube levels.
  • Permalube® U-Joint for minimal maintenance.
  • Greaseable Drive Coupler for easy service.
  • Greaseable Gimbal Bearing for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Power Trim XD® for emergency control.

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Explore the exceptional capabilities of Mercury MerCrusier Bravo 2 Complete Sterndrives, specifically engineered to elevate the performance of cruisers and houseboats to unprecedented levels. These drives boast a distinctive ability to effortlessly maximize lift and thrust, seamlessly handling the demands of larger vessels without breaking a sweat.

The Bravo Two Diesel drives stand out for their robust gearcase, which comfortably accommodates propellers of up to 20 inches in diameter, alongside deeper gear ratios. This unique design facilitates high thrust, swift planing, and notably improved fuel economy, ensuring that you remain in complete control of your vessel at all times.

Maintenance is a breeze with the Bravo Two series, thanks to the inclusion of maintenance-free hinge pins that allow for hassle-free servicing without the need to haul your boat out of the water. Additionally, permanent pivot points minimize maintenance time, guaranteeing that your boat spends more time on the water and less time in the shop.

With twin applications available for petrol engines of up to 450hp, these drives offer impressive speeds of up to 55mph, providing unparalleled performance and maneuverability for your marine adventures. Experience the ultimate in marine propulsion technology with Mercury MerCrusier Bravo 2 Complete Sterndrives, designed to exceed your expectations and enhance your on-water experiences.

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Gear Ratio

2.00:1, 2.20:1

Maximum Power Capacity 400 HP (295 kW)
Lower Unit Design Extended Length Strut
Maximum Propeller Diameter 1 X 20″
Water Inlet Location Strut
Clutch Type High-Strength Smooth-Shift Cone Clutch with F-N-R
Available Gear Ratios 1.81, 2.00, 2.20:1
Counter-Rotation Standard
Upper Unit Gear Set Precision Shimmed Assembly with Near-Net Forged Helical Gears
Lower Unit Gear Set Precision Shimmed Assembly Forged Bevel Gears with Twin Counter Rotating Propshafts for Bravo Three
Propshaft Material Heat-Treated Stainless Steel
Standard Exhaust Outlet Through Propeller
Required Propeller Hub Rubber Hub
Recommended Lubricant Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube
Monitoring System Engine-Mounted Lube Monitor w/Audio Warning or Engine Guardian®
Corrosion Warranty 3-Year, Limited
Housing Construction Corrosion Resistant XK 360 Aluminum Low-Copper Alloy
Corrosion Protection Tri-Paint, Anodes & MerCathode® Electronic Corrosion Prevention
Anode Type Ultra-Pure Aluminum Anodes or Magnesium Anode Kit
Speedometer Pick-up Integrated Into Lower Housing, Digital Output Optional
Steering System Single Cylinder Power Steering with Anti-Feedback
Steering Range 56° Range Stop to Stop, Digital Output Optional
U-Joint Type Permalube® Virtually Maintenance-Free
Power Trim System Twin-Cylinder Hydraulic Featuring Power Trim XD® Kick-up Return
Typical Trim Range -5° to 11°
Trim Limit Switch Adjustable Limit Analog or Digital – Engine Dependant
Trailer Limit 46°
Trim Hinge Pin Design Permanently Lubricated – No Maintenance Required
Hydraulic Trim Lines Stainless Steel Braided Armor
Drive Coupler Greaseable From Inside Boat
Drive Weight 137 lbs. (62 kg)


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