Kojack Hydraulic High Lift Jack

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5 Piece Kit includes:

  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Two-piece collar
  • 2x heads (Round & Square)
  • 100mm Extension
  • 150mm Extension for extra height
  • Convenient Carry Bag



Introducing the Kojack ‘High Lift’ – the ultimate hydraulic caravan jack designed to elevate your outdoor adventures to new heights. With an additional 150mm extension for added elevation, this jack ensures safe and easy lifting of even the heaviest Australian caravans.

Versatility meets seamless operation with the Kojack, featuring ball and block fittings tailored to most Australian caravans. Mounted securely to the chassis, it maintains compatibility with jockey wheel mounts. Despite its impressive lifting range of 220mm and a robust 4-tonne capacity, the Kojack remains lightweight at just 12kgs, inclusive of all fittings.

Essential for any journey, a jack is a vital tool offering effective recovery options for your 4WD or caravan. In Australia, their range of hydraulic hi-lift jacks at Purple Line provides efficiency and affordability.

Picture yourself stranded with a flat tire in the wilderness, awaiting assistance amidst the uncertainty of cellular coverage. With a high lift jack onboard, you’re prepared for any scenario, ensuring peace of mind during your travels.

Embrace every adventure confidently, knowing you have a top-tier hydraulic caravan jack at your disposal. Whether navigating bush tracks, coastal roads, mountainous terrains, or beyond, Purple Line has your back.

Discover the effectiveness of Purple Lines high lift jacks – lightweight yet powerful, offering ease of use without compromising performance. Designed for versatile application, they guarantee effortless lifting for various caravan models, all while prioritizing safety and adhering to stringent Australian and New Zealand standards.

Equip yourself with the confidence only a Kojack hydraulic high lift jack can provide. With Purple Line’s innovative designs and effortless hydraulics, recovery becomes a breeze. Whether embarking on local adventures or venturing deeper into Australia’s rugged landscapes, ensure you’re prepared with a Purple Line jack by your side.

Your next adventure awaits – make sure you’re equipped with Purple Line’s reliable range.


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SKU: PL-KJ4THL100 Category: