Hardkorr Extension Cable Kit (Orange 4-Pin Plugs)

SKU: EXTPACKOW Category: GTIN: 9.35047E 12



This extension cable kit gives you additional flexibility when setting up your Hard Korr orange & white camp lights. The kit contains a 3-way splitter cable, a 3.5m extension cable and 2 x 2.5m extension cables. The cables have 4-pin DC (orange) plugs.

Which cable kit do I need?

This kit is?NOT?suitable for use with our?white-only LED camp lights. You will need a?White LED Extension Cable Kit?instead.

If you are using this cable kit with our?orange & white or tri-colour LED camp lights, items from this kit can be used anywhere?after?the dimmer switch. If you need to place extension cables or splitters before the dimmer, our?Extension Cable Kit (Black DC Plugs)?is the correct product. This is because the orange/white and tri-colour dimmer switches have a standard DC (black) input plug, and a 4-pin DC (orange) output plug.

SKU: EXTPACKOW Category: GTIN: 9.35047E 12
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 5 × 12 × 19.7 cm



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