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Once you have a NUDIE BOSS you will wonder how you ever went camping without one! Provides instant privacy for showering, using the toilet or just getting changed.  So convenient and easy to set up and comes with it’s own lighting.


Available on back-order


Elevate your outdoor bathing experience with the Campboss Shower Tent, a versatile and portable solution for privacy and convenience in the wilderness. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, this tent is designed to enhance your camping, hiking, or beach trips.

Constructed from premium materials, the Shower Tent offers exceptional durability and weather resistance, ensuring it stands strong against the elements. Its sturdy frame provides stability, while the waterproof fabric keeps you dry and comfortable inside, even during sudden downpours.

Setting up camp has never been easier – the Campboss Shower Tent features a simple and intuitive design that allows for quick assembly and disassembly. With no-fuss setup, you can spend less time pitching your tent and more time enjoying the great outdoors.

Privacy is paramount when it comes to outdoor bathing, and the Campboss Shower Tent delivers with its thoughtful design. The spacious interior offers plenty of room to maneuver, while the opaque fabric ensures complete discretion. Say goodbye to awkward encounters and hello to peace of mind.

Versatility is key when choosing outdoor gear, and the Campboss Shower Tent doesn’t disappoint. In addition to serving as a shower enclosure, it can also be used as a changing room, portable toilet enclosure, or storage space. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to transport and fits seamlessly into your camping setup.

Upgrade your outdoor experience with the Campboss Shower Tent – your ultimate companion for privacy, convenience, and comfort in the wilderness.


  • 1000GSM PVC bag
  • 280GSM polyester cotton canvas, waterproof 3000mm, UV50++
  • Open size: 100cm x 100cm x 200cm
  • Closed size: 104cm x 10cm x 13cm


  • 1 x top cover
  • 1 x dual-colour LED strip (switch control), 1 USB cable, 2m long
  • 2 x 304 stainless steel T-brackets (black)
  • 2 x 304 stainless steel clips
  • 8 each x 304 stainless steel M8 nuts, bolts & washers
  • 4 x pegs
  • 2 x wrenches

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SKU: cb-nb Category: GTIN: 9329879 001804


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