BLA LED Portable Bi-Colour Navigation Lights



Introducing the BLA LED Portable Bi-Colour Navigation Lights, a must-have for safe and compliant nighttime boating. These lights offer bright, clear illumination in red and green, ensuring your vessel is visible and helping you navigate safely in low-light conditions.

Key Features:

1. Bright LED Illumination:

Equipped with high-intensity LEDs, the BLA Portable Bi-Colour Navigation Lights provide bright and clear red and green lighting. This ensures excellent visibility, making your vessel easily noticeable to others on the water.

2. Portable and User-Friendly:

Designed for easy portability, these lights can be quickly mounted and removed without the need for permanent installation. Ideal for small boats, kayaks, and emergency situations, they offer convenience and flexibility.

3. Durable and Weather-Resistant:

Constructed from robust materials, these navigation lights are built to withstand harsh marine environments. They are resistant to corrosion, water, and UV damage, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

4. Battery Operated:

Powered by standard batteries, these lights offer a convenient and reliable power source. This eliminates the need for complex wiring and prevents draining your boat’s main power supply.

5. Versatile Mounting Options:

The lights come with versatile mounting options, including suction cups and adjustable straps, allowing secure attachment to various surfaces. This versatility makes them suitable for different types of watercraft.

6. Marine Safety Compliance:

The Navigation Lights meet international marine safety standards, ensuring your boat is compliant with navigation light requirements. This compliance enhances safety and peace of mind.

Enhance Your Boating Safety:

The BLA LED Portable Bi-Colour Navigation Lights are essential for any boat owner. They enhance visibility and safety during nighttime navigation, making them a reliable addition to your boating gear.

Experience Reliable Navigation:

Upgrade your boat with the BLA LED Portable Bi-Colour Navigation Lights and enjoy their convenience, reliability, and peace of mind. Perfect for both recreational and professional boaters, these lights ensure you are prepared for low-light conditions.


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Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 19 × 28.2 × 8.1 cm



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