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Introducing the BLA Flusher Small Round: the perfect solution for maintaining the health and performance of your boat’s outboard engine. Designed with precision and crafted from high-quality materials, this small round flusher ensures efficient and thorough flushing of your engine, removing salt, sand, and other debris that can accumulate during use.

Key Features:

1. Efficient Engine Maintenance:

The BLA Flusher Small Round is engineered to deliver a powerful and consistent flow of fresh water to your outboard engine. This ensures that all internal cooling passages are thoroughly cleaned, preventing corrosion and buildup that can damage the engine over time.

2. Compact and Versatile Design:

Its small, round design makes this flusher highly versatile and easy to use. It fits a wide range of outboard engines, making it a convenient tool for boat owners with different engine models. Its compact size also allows for easy storage when not in use.

3. Durable Construction:

Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, the BLA Flusher Small Round is built to withstand repeated use and harsh marine environments. The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing reliable engine maintenance season after season.

4. Easy to Use:

Using the BLA Flusher is simple and straightforward. Attach it to a standard garden hose, place the round flusher over the engine’s water intake, and turn on the water. Start the engine and let the fresh water circulate, effectively flushing out any contaminants.

5. Improves Engine Longevity:

Regular use of the BLA Flusher Small Round helps extend the life of your outboard engine by preventing the buildup of harmful deposits and corrosion. This ensures that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risk of costly repairs and downtime.

Essential Maintenance Tool:

The BLA Flusher Small Round is an essential tool for any boat owner committed to maintaining their outboard engine. Its efficient design, ease of use, and durable construction make it the perfect choice for ensuring your engine remains in top condition.

Upgrade your boat maintenance routine with the BLA Flusher Small Round – the reliable and effective solution for keeping your outboard engine clean and performing at its best.


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