MOVE Aluminium Telwater Boat Trailer


Why Buy A New Trailer?

Australia is equally beautiful and harsh, especially in saltwater environments. These environments take a toll on a boat trailer over time and general wear and tear can mean you find yourself in need of a replacement. A MOVE Aluminium Telwater Boat Trailer is the perfect way to stay ahead of this wear and tear.

A good trailer will extend the life of your boat. Each MOVE Telwater Boat Trailer will be expertly matched to your pride and joy, providing support to the hull exactly where it is needed.

A product that is easy to use and simple in design makes your hard-earned recreation time much more enjoyable and hassle-free. MOVE Telwater Boat Trailers are not only easy to tow due to their lightweight construction, but they also make launch and retrieval incredibly easy thanks to a tried and tested v-loader cradle and the optional Catch & Release system.

Why A MOVE Aluminium Telwater Boat Trailer?

Durability and longevity. One of the major benefits of aluminium is that it does not rust, making it a great material for long term use in saltwater environments.

Aluminium offers more flex than rigid steel. MOVE Telwater Boat Trailers have been designed utilizing this flex to reduce stress on the trailer frame, meaning your MOVE Telwater Boat Trailer can travel with you across the various and often harsh road conditions found across Australia.

Tried and tested. MOVE Telwater Trailers have undergone comprehensive product testing to prove their performance and reliability at the Australian Automotive Research Center, and have been used under tens of thousands of boats across Australia.

I Beam and C Channel aluminium allows water to drain rapidly and easily from the main trailer frame, unlike box section frames which are typically used on steel trailers.



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