Minn Kota Plug & Socket Kit Trolling Motor 70AMP


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The Marinco 70a trolling motor and plug receptacle system is a revolutionary concept in trolling motor DC connections. Ideal for all trolling motor applications as it is capable of handling up to 70amps, with a universal design for 2 or 3-wire configuration for 12V, 24V, 12/24V, 24/36V, 36V or 48V systems.

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Minn Kota

Minn Kota build the toughest, most innovative trolling motors. The fastest, quietest, deepest-reaching shallow water anchors. And the most advanced battery chargers ever made. No matter what comes next, just know that it’ll keep you on the water, on the fish, and right smack in the middle of the thing that matters most to you.