Mercury Fury Propeller

NOTE: Hub kit required – sold separately.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Prop Size

14 x 22P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 23P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 24P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 25P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 26P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 27P RH SS 3 BL


a revolutionary product that will measurably improve acceleration and top speed on many bass boats powered by 200 horsepower outboards.</p>rnThe Fury is Mercury's first bass boat propeller to utilize the added strength and durability of the new X7 alloy. This revolutionary new alloy allowed Mercury's Propeller Engineers to develop a propeller design that far surpasses the limits of conventional stainless steel. The X7 alloy is 30% stronger and 4 times more durable than conventional stainless steel.rn<p style=""text-align: center;""><iframe src="""&quot; width=""400"" height=""250"" frameborder=""0"" allowfullscreen=""allowfullscreen""></iframe>u00a0 <iframe src="""&quot; width=""400"" height=""250"" frameborder=""0"" allowfullscreen=""allowfullscreen""></iframe></p>rnrnrn<hr />rnrn<h6><strong>More Information</strong></h6>rn<span style=""color: #ff0000;""><strong><a style=""color: #ff0000;"" href="""&quot; target=""_blank"" rel=""noopener""><i class=""far fa-file-pdf fa "" style=""color: #222222; font-size: 18px;"">u00a0 u00a0</i>Mercury Propellers</a></strong></span>rnrn ""}

Built-In Sonar

content"":""[tabs]rn[tab title='Flo-Torq SSR HD']rn<h4><strong><span style=""color: #000000;"">Flo-Torq SSR HD</span></strong></h4>rn<div class=""row"">rn<div class=""col-lg-7 col-md-7"">rnrnIntroducing the Flo-Torq Soft Shift Rubber (SSR) HD

Buoyancy (kg)


Capacity (Amp Hour)


Capacity (Amp Hours)

and sport boats. It can be used with Mercury propellersu00a0Bravo I



Fuel Tank Application

and Tempestu00a0Plus.rnrn rnrn</div>rn<div class=""col-lg-5 col-md-5""><iframe src="""&quot; width=""400"" height=""250"" frameborder=""0"" allowfullscreen=""allowfullscreen""></iframe></div>rn</div>rn rnrn[/tab]rn[tab title='PVS – Performance Vent System']rn<h4><strong><span style=""color: #000000;"">PVS (Performance Vent System)</span></strong></h4>rn<div class=""row"">rn<div class=""col-lg-7 col-md-7"">rnrnPVSu00ae (Performance Vent System). A Mercury-exclusive innovation for custom tuning and venting your propeller to match youru00a0engine.rnrnJust by varying the size of the exhaust hole and controlling your engineu2019s rpm

Maximum Thrust


Maximum Thrust (lb)



X7u00ae alloy

Size (mm)

14 x 22P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 23P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 24P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 25P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 26P RH SS 3 BL, 14 x 27P RH SS 3 BL


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