Introducing the SCBX, by Seachange Boating. A line-up of boat models with origins from the legendary Australian Haines boat building family. A formula where RIVALE (Resin Injection Vacuum Assisted Low Emission) Technology delivers a unique process used by us to a formula mastered in advancing the process of boat building. RIVALE by Haines, ensures consistency of product, improved product characteristics (such as strength), as well as reduced styrene emissions.

SCBX is a four model series designed with Xtra’s and X-factor as well as allowing you to build it your way. Take one of the four model packages and finish the vision to suit your needs or contact an SCBX account partner to complete the dream. With all models being built to match our line-up of parts and accessories, you are truly in the drivers seat to bring out your own creativity. With you building it your way to suit your final style from a proven Haines hull design, these enhanced custom-fitting factory accessories will continue the build and evolve your configuration spec and boating capabilities.

SCBX boats are a 4.85m open fibreglass vessel that can carry up to four passengers, starting at 40hp to a maximum rating of 80hp.

SCBX just revolutionised Australian boating… we welcome you to Seachange!