Supafendᄄ Replacement Dual Top Mount Bracket

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– Supafend Dock Wheels are designed to protect and guide your boat while maneuvering in and out of your marina berth.
– Our latest “Fit & Forget” FOAM-FILLED design is a considerable upgrade of our time proven dock wheel that was first introduced back in 1999.
– Supafend Dock Wheels are best located on the corner or “blind spot” and many boat owners are also locating them at intervals up the length of their marina.
– Their capacity to protect and move with your boat is unrivalled.
– “The ultimate protection against sudden wind shifts and tidal currents.”
– They are especially useful for vessels with limited steering control during berthing.
– The Dual Wheel Bracket is designed for mounting two dock wheels in tandem for heavy duty applications.
– This bracket is designed to be mounted on the vertical “face” of the waler.

*376008 Kit Includes:
– 1 x 376007 Type B Dual Dock Wheel Bracket.
– 1 x 376038 BTM Bracket Top Mount.
– 1 x 376040 Coach Bolts 10mm x 75mm – Pack 4.
– 2 x 376002 Dock Wheels With Hubs.
– 4 x Bolts And Nuts.

SKU: 376038 Category: