Mercury SpitFire Propeller


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Engine Application

25HP – 30HP 4S (2006 and Newer), 25HP CT, 30HP 4S (2005 and Earlier), 40HP – 60HP 2S & 4S, 40HP – 60HP CT 4S (Pontoon Boat Application), 75HP – 125HP 2S & 4S, 90HP – 115HP CT 4S, 135HP – 300HP 4S, Alpha / Bravo One Sterndrive


while providing tenacious holdingu00a0that will keep you on the plane even duringu00a0tight turns.</p>rn<p style=""text-align: left;""><strong>Accelerate Away from the Competition</strong></p>rn<p style=""text-align: left;"">The 4-blade design allows Mercuryu00a0engineers to pack more blade area within au00a0smaller diameter. Keeping diameter low allowsu00a0the prop to spin up quickly for unbelievableu00a0hole shot. Mercury borrowed the Spitfireu2019su00a0low-diameter

Built-In Sonar


Buoyancy (kg)

optimal durability

Capacity (Amp Hour)

it sacrifices itself to save your lower unit. Just pop in a new hub and you're back on the water

Capacity (Amp Hours)

most-durable marine propellers in the world. Also the best-selling


and proprietary technologies u2013 Flo Torqu00ae

Fuel Tank Application

and PVSu00ae (Performance Vent System) u2013 give you a true competitive advantage. For best overall boat performance

Maximum Thrust

000-year-old technique. Reinforced with two ceramic finishes in an application process that takes two full days. Steam-heated in an autoclave at 325 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 PSI of pressure. And finally placed in a burnout furnace at more than 2000 degrees Fahrenheit u2013 a heat that requires employees to wear aluminized protective clothing. Strengthened and shock-proofed

Maximum Thrust (lb)

creating 24 Mercury propellers. The freshly cast props cool on carts for about an hour. Then jackhammer-like knockout machines


creating the matte finish of a Bravo Threeu00ae or pod-drive prop. Other propellers move on to a burnishing stage

Height (mm)

0, 1

Size (mm)


Prop Size

14 x 12 RH AL 4 BL, 14 x 14 RH AL 4 BL, 14 x 21 RH AL 4 BL, 14 x 23 RH AL 4 BL, 10.1 x 14P RH AL 4 BL, 10.1 x 15P RH AL 4 BL, 10.3 x 13 RH AL 4 BL, 10.6 x 11P RH AL 4 BL, 10.6 x 12P RH AL 4 BL, 12.5 x 19P RH AL 4 BL, 13.0 x 17P RH AL 4 BL, 13.4 x 15P RH AL 4 BL, 13.8 x 10P RH AL 4 BL, 13.8 x 11P RH AL 4 BL, 13.8 x 13P RH AL 4 BL, 14.0 x 17P RH AL 4 BL, 14.0 x 19P RH AL 4 BL, 9.3 x 11P RH AL 4 BL, 9.3 x 9.5P RH AL 4 BL


Mercury Propellers